Apr 20, 2018

J'adore 4.20.18

Welcome to J'adore, my weekly space for sharing what makes me happy lately!

1.  Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken.  You guys, this is probably the easiest recipe I've ever made.  Not only is it easy, the recipe makes lots and the chicken dish is low in calories.  I made the Buffalo Chicken on Sunday for dinner and my boyfriend and I have been eating it for lunch all week!  We've used it to make Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese and Buffalo Chicken Melts.  I've also eaten it plain with just a slice of melted cheese on top and today I'm putting bites of Buffalo Chicken onto slices of cucumber. The recipe is super versatile and goes a long way!

2.  Dutch Blitz.  My boyfriend introduced me to this game and it's my new favorite!  Think of it as a fast-paced, multi-player version of solitaire.  It took me awhile to get the hang of it (my first several games I scored in the negative) but now I'm hooked!

3.  The Lightning Thief.  Okay, I realize I'm over a decade late to the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series of YA novels, but a friend of mine recommended this book for our audiobook club and I'm really enjoying it!  It does remind me a lot of my beloved Harry Potter series but with a Greek god twist.  If you are looking for an easy read (or listen) that's full of adventure, I definitely recommend this series.

What are you loving this week?
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Apr 18, 2018


Happy middle-of-January, ya'll!  Not!  But really, with snow and ice storms sweeping across our state this week, it definitely doesn't feel like April.

I'm still trying to follow my own advice for dressing like spring even though it feels like winter while endlessly wondering when it will actually feel warmer.

Here I'm attempting to channel spring by wearing a jacket I love, a new spring purse and a warm-weather print: floral!  I decided to follow the advice of one of my favorite bloggers, Anne, and treat myself to a fun, new scarf this month.  A new scarf, especially in a floral print, can help to freshen your wardrobe (and perspective) while still adding warm layers to an outfit.

What I'm Wearing:
Scarf: Local Boutique (similar, similar)
Top: Gap (similar in different colors)
Jacket: Gap (similar in a bunch of colors)
Jeans: American Eagle (exact)
Sneakers: Keds (exact)

If you've been wearing floral lately, link-up with The Blended Blog's style post today!

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Apr 16, 2018

Running Tips: From One Beginner to Another

For my entire adult life, I've attempted to run.  About every three years I would jog regularly for a couple months, decide that running was the worst, and then stop.  Until now.

I've been running regularly for almost a year and can actually feel myself improving, finally!  The other day, I ran five whole miles without stopping to walk and decided that I can officially declare myself a runner!

So I'm here today to give other beginning runners some tips.  I am by no means an expert.  In fact, you can find lots of running advice from "experts" online but I usually give these articles the side-eye because the authors apparently don't remember how much running actually sucks as a beginner!

So, from one beginner to another, here's how I've survived a year of running.

Find Goals That Actually Motivate You

Until this year, my primary reason for running was always to lose weight.  This may be a super motivating goal for you, but it just didn't work for me!  I would run for a few months, not see any weight results and then quit.  Now, I run because I want to beat my best times at races.  My boyfriend convinced me to run a few 5ks with him last summer.  As I trained and realized that I could go faster and faster at these races, I got hooked!  Now I'm competing with myself to go faster and farther than before.  This is what works for me!  This is what I find fun about running.  So find what motivates you and go after that goal (and you might need to readjust that goal if you find that it's not inspiring you to work harder).

Follow A Training Program

This is another big one for me!  When I tried to run in the past, I would head out three days a week and just try to run as much of a 5k as possible.  It got boring and disheartening.  Now I realize that not all of my runs have to be the same.  I can spend one run working on speed and the next on distance.  Some practice runs can be short and some can be long.  With this variety, I've yet to get bored.  If you have a friend who is into running, ask him or her to help you come-up with a plan!  If not, there are plenty of training programs online whether you are shooting for a 5k or beyond.

You Don't Have to Run with a Group

So many of the "tips from running experts" you will find online encourage you to find friends or a running group to join.  I actually don't really like to run with others.  So you know what, I don't!  For some reason I psych myself out when I run with other people.  I try to go too fast at first and then burn-out.  I've gotten to the point where there are a choice few people I enjoy running with but for the most part, I'm a solitary runner and that's okay.  So really, find what works for you, group or no group!

If It Hurts, Stretch

I've talked to a variety of friends who run and each person has a different opinion about stretching.  Some stretch before running, not after.  Some do the opposite.  Some don't stretch at all!  This can be very confusing but my best tip for you is to listen to your body.  I wasn't really stretching and found myself having some shin, calf and foot pain.  The pain didn't really feel related to stretching but I decided to do a few stretches before running to see if it would help.  And it did!  I understand what works best for my body right now and if things hurt in the future, I will adjust.

Clothes Matter

And I'm not just saying this because I'll take any excuse to buy cute clothes (work-out wear included).  I have four must-have pieces for successful and comfortable running.  The first is pretty obvious, comfortable shoes.  I wear these but you just have to try shoes on and figure-out what works best for you.  I also think socks are super important!  Regular socks won't absorb sweat properly and will give you blisters.  I wear these for pain-free feet.  Pants have actually been my biggest struggle with running clothes.  I can't tell you how many droopy pair of leggings I've had to tug at while running.  My best advice is to find leggings (or shorts or pants) with a drawstring that you can tighten to keep your pants up!  And finally, don't wear cotton shirts.  They will get sweaty and heavy.  Find tops with moisture-wicking material for a more pleasant run.

There you have it, my running friends.  This is what changed me from a self-proclaimed hater of running to a runner.  I know that running sucks right now, but I promise you that it will eventually suck less!  You can do it!
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Apr 13, 2018

J'adore 4.13.18

Welcome to the second round of J'adore, my new space to share a few things that I'm loving this week!

1.  Instinct.  After only having Netflix for a few years and switching back to cable, I'm terrible at remembering to watch shows live, as they're happening.  But I really want to use the cable package that we're paying for so my boyfriend and I decided to give the brand-new show, Instinct, a try!  It took a few episodes to hit its stride, but we're really enjoying the show!  If you are fan of crime shows (think Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Castle, etc.), give Instinct a try!  It's fun to follow along with the mysteries and Alan Cumming is a delight!

2.  Sriracha Carrot Hummus.  It sounds weird, but you guys, a container of this doesn't last long in my house!  This stuff is so good on veggies or chips.  I've found it at my local Meijer.

3.  Blush pink.  Okay, my love of this color isn't exactly new.  But I'm finding myself drawn to so many blush pieces lately.  I just purchased this denim jacket (size-up at least two sizes) and am seriously eyeing these wedges that are currently on sale (thanks, Kellyann).

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Apr 11, 2018

Favorite Spring Color

When I think of spring, pastel colors immediately come to mind.  But when I contemplate the color that I wear the most this time of year, it's definitely coral!

When I look at my face in these photos, I have to laugh a bit because my expression looks slightly pained.  It was definitely too cold to go without a jacket on this particular evening so you better believe I hustled back to the car and put one on when we were done with the shoot.

Even though it's still not feeling like spring, I'm trying to follow my own advice for dressing during this transitional time.  So here I am, starting with some fun flats (au revoir snow boots!) and wearing my favorite spring color!  I also decided that denim in a lighter wash and a light grey top had me feeling a bit more like April, too!

Can we talk about these shoes for a minute?  They are from last spring's Old Navy line-up and they have held up so well!  The shoes are also super comfy!  Old Navy has them again this year but in different colors and I would highly recommend grabbing a pair!

What I'm Wearing:
Top: My Sister's Closet Boutique (similar)
Necklace: I don't even remember (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle (exact)
Flats: Old Navy (exact but in different colors)

What is your favorite color to wear for spring?  Here are a few of my coral picks (all under $50) if you need a little color to brighten your season!

And while you're here, don't forget to link-up with The Blended Blog's Style Wednesdays!
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Apr 9, 2018

Trunk Club Review

Hey, y'all!  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I tried Trunk Club and wanted to write a review post about my experience.  Well, here we are!

My helper bud obviously wanted in on this review post.

What is Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a personal styling service through Nordstrom.  For a $25 styling fee, your personal stylist will get to know you and what you like to wear.  Then she will send you a trunk filled with goodies curated for you to try-on.  From there, you purchase what you want to keep (the $25 fee is applied to what you decide to buy) and send the rest back for free!  Afterwards, you review all pieces so that your stylist can use the information to put together your next trunk.  You can choose to receive a new trunk every month or seasonally (and you can skip trunks if you want).

If this is something you are interested in trying, I would super appreciate you using my my referral link so I can earn money towards my next trunk!

Why I like Trunk Club better than Stitch Fix.

You might be thinking that TC sounds a lot like Stitch Fix.  That's because it's super similar...but I like Trunk Club better!  Yes, the styling fee is $25 as opposed the $20 for Stitch Fix.  But you get so many more items in your Trunk Club box.  I feel that your odds of getting something you like are way better!  Plus, the styling fee is applied to what you decide to buy anyways, so that extra $5 doesn't matter too much.

I also like the personal connection you have to your Trunk Club stylist.  You actually get to chat with her (or him) in real time about your personal style and what kinds of clothes you are looking for.  That paired with the style survey you fill-out helps your stylist to really pick-out things that are perfect for you!

On top of the variety of pieces you receive and the personal attention, my stylist nailed my fit!  I usually eliminated most Stitch Fix pieces I received because they didn't fit quite right.  My stylist, Katy, made it hard to choose what to keep because all but one piece fit so well!

The Pieces.

Here are the items I received in my first trunk and what I think of them!

Bobeau Lightweight Twist Hem Top: I only allowed myself to keep two items from my first trunk and this is one of them!  The top has a nice weight to it (is a bit heavier than just a t-shirt) and is a lovely oatmeal color.  Plus I love that it is a basic with a twist (literally).  I'm wearing a small so I would definitely go down one size from your usual.

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Apr 6, 2018

J'adore 4.6.18

Happy Friday, loves!  I'm so excited to start a new series today on Whitney à la mode.  At the end of every week, I plan to share with you a few things that I adore lately.  I know that lots of other bloggers do this, but I'm excited to put my own spin on the concept.  So without further ado, here is what I'm loving this week:

1.  She's All Fat Podcast.  If you are looking for a listen that's fun but with an important message, I highly recommend the She's All Fat podcast.  Sophie and April are sassy, hilarious and have something important to say in regards to body positivity and self love.  Not to mention this is a place for "chill vibes only."  Definitely check them out!

2.  Granger Smith Parody.  Okay, so first you have to listen to this song that is currently on pop-country stations.  And then you have to listen to this song.  Yep, that's the same guy, parodying himself.  You gotta love someone with talent and a sense of humor!  I'm still cracking-up over here.

3.  Coffee AM.  Are you like me and must start every day with a cup of coffee?  Do you love flavored coffees?  Then check-out Coffee AM.  My boyfriend recently ordered us a bag of Chocolate Strawberry and it's amazing.  Plus there are about a bajillion other yummy sounding flavors that I want to try!
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